Yo what's going on guys and gals,

Want to shed some light on the upcoming events/news. The staff team has been working quite hard on the new server and we are pleased to say we are about 80% complete with it. That being said we may need a bit more time to do the beta server. We may push the date back 1-4 days depending how quick we can finish configing one of the last things. If you have any questions concerning this please feel free to post a reply/comment to this.

I would also like to give you guys an idea on what is going to happen on the day of the reset. I am debating whether or not to have the reset on the 1st of Jan. or not. The reason being is that I have to go on the 2nd of Jan. skiing with my friends in Canada. So I will not have
ANY time to...
So as you guys know the server is going to reset soon and I need your help. I always make a Trailer for the server nd I have decided on the music for it, but this time I want you guys to choose a song. Post down in the reply section what you think the song should be.

Here are the criteria:

Electronic Music
Copyright free
No vocals

Thank you for all your responses!
It has almost finally arrived. Black Friday. Our donation store Click Here will have the biggest sale our server has had ever! Everything except Beta passes will be 65% OFF. So you guys can get your god ranks, gkits, rank upgrades for an extremely cheap price. You guys can get stocked up for the reset and be prepared to hit it head on and become the champions of the next Unified MC season. If you guys have any question please ask them down below. All of your donations will be going towards the reset server and a bit will be funneled into the current server to make it just a bit better ;). For those of you who live in America, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving feast!


Your owner, friend, fellow player,
There are three of these,
if you knew what they were
it would put you on your knees,

each one is special in its own way,
it doesn't affect you
but the way you play,

Each one targets a specific types of users,
those who wield blades and axes
and those who are builders,

The last type is for those that are brave,
they can go alone but will need help,
if they find this people may crave

write in comments what you think the answer is!
Hey everyone, laukille here.

I noticed some of you had problems raiding, when you shot a water wall, there was no problem, but when you shot a lava wall it would regenerate a cobblestone block where the wall used to be.

I added a plugin that is suposed to fix this. I makes lava blow up. This sadly also makes regen walls useless so if you put hours of time in these I'm sorry but there was no other way around it.

There is something else you guys didn't like and that is that...
New owners?
As some of you might have realized, there are two more people on the server with ''Owner'' rank in front of their name, namely me (laukille) and Wolfy (xMidnightWolf). This is not because Saxion stopped with the server, neither is it because we killed Saxion.

Saxion asked us if we wanted to take care of his precious baby, and we said yes. Saxion is doing this for some free time for himself, his school (and his secret girlfriend, jk he doesn't have one). He will be coming back and he...
So recently I have been getting a lot of questions about the beta passes.

I'll be answering them all in this thread/post.

1) Q. What exactly do I get with the beta pass?
A. You get early access to help the staff test bugs on the new server that will be launched right after reset. You will also get the Beta Gkit, a Beta tag as well as infinite early access to future betas that the server will have.

2) Q. How much does it cost?
A. It costs $9.99 which is the same price as a Gkit but you are getting much more!

3) Q. How long will the beta that is coming up last?
A. It is expected to last about 3 weeks.

4) Q. Will we keep the items we got during the beta?
A. No that would have given you an extremely unfair advantage over the others. Also if you were to have found a bug or an exploit and gave yourself a ton of stuff that would have ruined the reset. This would have defied the point of a "reset".

If you have any more question reply to this thread and I will...
Here is a little information about Gh0s7, our 2 new helpers, and plus the link for the leaked images.

The link for Sax's leaked images for the reset are here

Our two new helpers are RoaringLlama (Nickname ingame is HarryPotter) and Tunnna
They will have their 2 week trial.

Gh0s7 is staying as a staff member! That means he is no longer on a trial.

If you have any questions about anything you can message me on the forums! If need be my Skype is in my signature for you all to use as well.
Just because I give you my Skype, doesn't mean you can use it for your own problems. All the links you need are on the forums, and if you message me asking for them, I will ignore you....